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Does Your Child Have Autism?

The first few years of your child's development are a critical time period.

Early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and intervention can help treat symptoms and avert severe deviations in neurodevelopment.

We can help you.

Our Doctors

Meet Our Therapists

Akhila Rao, QBA,BCBA, MSc.

Behavior Therapist

Soorya, BSc.

Speech Language Therapist & Audiologist

Ammu, MSc.

Behavior Therapist

Kusuma, MSc.

Behavior Therapist

How it Works

How Do I Enroll My Kid

Start a Chat

Talk to us about your child

Get an assessment

Qualified therapists will evaluate your child

Schedule the session

Book therapy slots based on your child's assessment

Track progress

Evaluate therapy/home training sessions and reassess periodically

Hear from the parents

Highly recommend this centre if your facing speech and behavioral issues with your children.Especially the trainer Soorya who had put her all efforts make my son come out of his shyness and get rid of his trantrum and within 10 days of training he was able to frame sentences and boldly speak to unknown people.Thank you so much team for all your support and special thanks to Soorya...

Poornima M
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